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Mammography: Treatment, Procedure, Cost And Side Effects

What is Mammography?


A X-ray picture is Associate in Nursing X-ray image of your breasts accustomed screen for carcinoma. Mammograms play a key role in early carcinoma detection and facilitate decrease carcinoma deaths.

During a mammogram, your breasts are compressed between two firm surfaces to spread out the breast tissue. Then an X-ray captures black-and-white images of your breasts that are displayed on a computer screen and examined by a doctor who looks for signs of cancer.


A X-ray picture are often used either for screening or for diagnostic functions.


How usually you must have a X-ray picture depends on your age and your risk of carcinoma.


Are mammograms painful?

Everyone experiences mammograms differently. Some ladies could feel pain during the procedure, and others may not feel anything at all. Most women feel some discomfort throughout the particular X-ray method. The pressure against your breasts from the testing instrumentation will cause pain or discomfort, and that's normal.


What is the procedure of mammography?


A diagnostic X-ray picture is Associate in Nursing X-ray of the breast accustomed diagnose uncommon breast changes, such as a lump, pain, nipple thickening or discharge, or a change in breast size or shape. A diagnostic mammogram is additionally accustomed judge abnormalities detected on a screening X-ray picture


How do I prepare for my mammogram?

To prepare for your mammogram:


Ø  Choose a certified mammogram facility.

Ø  Schedule the test for a time when your breasts are least likely to be tender.

Ø  Bring your prior mammogram images.

Ø  Don't use deodorant before your mammogram.


How is mammogram test done?


A someone can place your breast on a transparent plastic plate.


Another plate can firmly press your breast from on top of. The plates can flatten the breast, holding it still while the X-ray is being taken. every woman's X-ray picture could look a bit totally {different completely different} as a result of all breasts square measure a bit different.


What should you not do before a mammogram?

Here are few things which should not be done before going for a mammogram are –


Ø     In case of menstrual period, its been better to avoid mammography. Even before or after one week of menstrual periods it been better, not to go for this test, during this time there are chances of breast being tender.

Ø     Avoid deodorants, perfumes, powder on armpits or on your breast at the day of mammography. Metallic particles gift in these cosmetics could interfere in result.

Ø     Not to wear any ornament or any jewelry at the time of mammography. Technician can day raise you to get rid of all the ornaments and higher wear.



Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of

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