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Kayakalp Taila



Kayakalp Taila soothes itchiness and discomfort and nourishes your skin with care. It eliminates viruses that cause herpes, moisturises the skin thus healing cracks caused by dryness in hands and feet and heals psoriasis, pigmentation, marks left by skin disease, etc. The ingredients in Kayakalp Taila have antiseptic properties. It is our most popular and effective body oil.




Ø  Cures skin ailments 

Ø   Heals dryness and removes marks and pigmentation 




Ø  Bakuchi 

Ø  Panwad Beej 

Ø  Haldi 

Ø  DaruHaldi 

Ø  KhairChhal 

Ø  Karanj Beej 

Ø  Neem Chhal 

Ø  Harad 

Ø  Baheda 

Ø  Amla 

Ø  Manjeeth 

Ø  Giloy 

Ø  Chirayata 

Ø  Kutaki 

Ø  IndrayanMool 

Ø  Chandan 

Ø  Devdaru 

Ø  Kali Jiri 

Ø  Ushava 

Ø  Dronpushpi 

Ø  Satyanasi 

Ø  Gomutra 

Ø  TilTaila


Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of



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