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Are Eggs Anti-Inflammatory?



Are eggs anti-inflammatory?

Various functional foods, nutrients and vital components have shown to switch 
the inflammation response within the body. Functional foods like eggs contain a spread of essential nutrients and vital components including egg proteins, phospholipids, lutein and zeaxanthin that curb inflammation.

The vitamin D present within the eggs modulates the inflammatory response in atrophic arthritis . As a result, eggs are one among the simplest anti-inflammatory foods.


What are the foods that cause inflammation?

Along with the understanding anti-inflammatory foods, it's 
also important to understand about foods that cause inflammation. attempt to limit these foods the maximum amount as possible:


Ø     Sweets, cakes, cookies or soda: Consumption of foods high in sugar content can cause an inflammation response also as weight gain and high cholesterol levels.

Ø     High fat and processed meat (hot dog, sausage and bacon): Saturated fat, which is abundantly present in processed meat, may be a significant explanation for inflammation.

Ø     Butter, milk and cheese: These food items contain many saturated fats leading to inflammation. it's best to modify to low-fat dairy products.

Ø     French fries, fried chicken and other fried foods: Deep fried foods can cause an imbalance between omega-6s and omega-3s leading to inflammation.

Ø    Coffee creamers, margarine and anything with trans fats: Trans fats can increase the quantity of undesired cholesterol [Low-density lipid (LDL) cholesterol] resulting in inflammation.

Ø    Wheat, rye and barley: These contain gluten, which can cause an autoimmune inflammatory reaction in some people (patients with celiac disease).



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