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Foot Pain: Treatment, Procedure, Cost And Side Effects

What is the treatment?

Foot is the part of the human body at the bottom of the leg on which a person can stand. Foot pain can occur due to various causes. There can be irritation/inflammation of the tissues that connect the heel bone to the toes.


Another kind foot pain happens once there's abnormal growth of bone at all-time low of the heel. It happens because of sporting wrong shoes or having wrong standing and walking postures. Sometimes, a deep bruise will occur on the fat pad of the heel or ball of the foot. A heel fracture will occur because of deep injury within the foot leading to tremendous pain.


A pain will occur because of sporting of poorly fitting shoes that is termed Metatarsalgia.


A problem known as Morton’s neuroma occurs when there is a thickening of tissue around the nerves of the foot. Sesamoiditis could be a kind of foot pain that happens once tendons round the foot swells up. Typical gout or arthritis causes pain in the toes. Nerve problem or neuropathy is a problem that is caused by diabetes is another problem that can lead to foot pain. All these foot issues have varied sorts of treatment additionally.


These include both home remedies as well as specialized treatments. But mostly, these issues don't involve an excessive amount of medication. Proper care and exercising can solve these problems. Only if the pain is severe enough, it is recommended to visit a doctor for proper advice and necessary


How is the treatment done?

n case of foot pain related to pain in heel or Plantar fasciitis, the best remedies are taking rest, doing muscle stretches and taking medicines if required. Heel spurs, or abnormal growth of bone at all-time low of the heel will provides a person plenty of hassle. Still, this problem can be sorted more or less without a doctor’s help. It needs rest, wearing of pain relieving shoes, resting, doing certain physical exercises like stretching and so on. If the pain is unbearable, only then a person should take medicines or consult a doctor. A stone bruise is said to happen when a deep cut occurs in the flat of the heels and this also require rest of the affected foot, proper application of ice in the foot is also required. If the pain persists or increases, medicines can be taken.


A heel fracture will occur which cannot solely crack a bone, but also shatter it. For such a scenario sporting of splint, usage of crutches, protection of the heel with pads and physiotherapy are the most common treatments. If the pain is unendurable, or if it is not being cured, proper medications are required or surgery may be needed if the doctor feels it necessary.


Metatarsalgia is also another problem that doesn’t require seeing medical personnel Wearing comfy shoes, application of ice and taking rest will help to relieve the pain effectively.

Morton’s neuroma is a problem which can be solved by wearing shoe inserts, avoiding high heels and standing on feet for a long time. In case the pain doesn’t go simply, intake of steroids, medicines or even injection or surgery may be required to cure the pain under the guidance of proper medical personnel. Sesamoiditis or inflammation of tendons can also be cured by following basic rules as mentioned above.


In very few cases, special treatment like steroid injections may be required. In case of gouty arthritis within the toes, basic care can be taken for pain relief, and consumption of food that increases gout can be reduced. Certain drugs like colchicine and prednisone can be taken. Nerve injury are often cured by each home remedies like taking rest and light-weight exercises, however surgery or injections ought to be taken if needed and suggested by the doctor.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

Any person, irrespective of age is subjected to take these treatments if they suffer from foot pain. Foot problems can happen to any person but most of the problems can be cured easily at home. Rarely injections or surgery are required and it does not have any age barrier as such.


Who is not eligible for the treatment?


A person UN agency has no downside in his/her foot isn't subjected to the treatment for foot pain. But, to stop these issues, sure precautions will be taken therefore on avoid foot pain altogether.

Are there any side effects?


The treatment for foot pain is additional or less safe. However, if steroids square measure taken to treat sure conditions of foot pain, some issues will occur as these happen to be the common facet effects for intake of steroids. These side effects include baldness, roughness of the skin, headache, growth deficit, cardiovascular diseases, kidney and liver problems, high blood pressure and stomach ache. In case these issues become serious enough then the patient should consult his/her doctor.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

There are no specific post treatment guidelines for most of the foot related problems because most of the problems are solved by home remedies. If someone undergoes surgery, then he/she may need to require rest and do sure physiotherapies so as to heal fully.


In case the pain persists then he/she got to consult their doctor to hunt medical facilitate.

How long does it take to recover?


Recovery when a foot surgery takes a most time of four to five months. Other issues that involve intake of drugs might need a most of three to four months for complete recovery.


The problems that only require home remedies like taking rest and light exercises can have different effects on different people, some may cure sooner than the others, depending on their capability to recover


What is the value of the treatment in India?

Price of foot surgery in India starts from Rs. 4 lakhs and can extend up to Rs. 12 lakhs.


The treatments that don't involve any surgery are quite cheaper than the others.


It solely needs correct care and a spotlight to cure the pain. The treatment is easily available in all cities and towns of India.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?


After a foot surgery together with correct rest and medicine, the pain is usually cured permanently. The home remedies and exercises counseled throughout the treatment method ought to be followed strictly to avoid from now on downside associated with foot pain in future.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?


Surgical treatment is that the best technique to cure issues of foot pain.

In addition to this, a few pain relief medications as well as injections can be helpful in dealing with patients suffering from such conditions. However, a few alternative treatments for the problem of foot pain involve applying ice packs or hot bags to the affected area, adding Epsom salts or Arnica salts in the bath for foot soak, soaking a face cloth in heated flaxseed oil and applying it on the affected space, applying slightly heated paste of turmeric is understood to possess effective.


Results due to its anti-inflammatory properties and so on.


Ø  Safety: Symptom

Ø  Effectiveness: High

Ø  Timeliness: High

Ø  Relative Risk: Medium

Ø  Side Effects: Medium

Ø  Time For Recovery: High

Ø  Price Range: Rs. 4,00,000 - Rs. 12,00,000



Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of

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