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Female genital mutilation or cutting (FGM/C) : Overview

What is  FGM?

Female Genital Mutilation (often mentioned 
as FGM) may be a destructive operation, during which the feminine genitals are partly or entirely removed or injured with the aim of inhibiting a woman’s sexual feelings. most frequently the mutilation is performed before puberty, often on girls between the age of 4 and eight, but recently it's increasingly performed on babies who are only a few of days, weeks or months old.


Who Performs FGM?

FGM is typically 
performed by professional circumcisers; women who have a high reputation within their societies. it's also performed by traditional midwives and infrequently by healers, nurses or doctors trained in Western medicine. The procedure is typically performed without anaesthetic and under dreadful and unhygienic circumstances.


WHAT are the results 

Female genital mutilation has serious health (physical and mental!) effects which frequently 
occur immediately after the procedure and should cause severe bleeding , infections, tetanus, paralysis of the bladder or septicemia , and may even end in death. HIV / AIDS also can be transmitted via the utilization of dirty instruments.

In addition to the psychological trauma and therefore the loss of sexual sensation, the victims often complain of long-term pain when urinating and through menstruation. Sitting or maybe walking can bruise and even re-open the connective tissue thanks to the constant rubbing of clothing. Cysts, abscesses, bladder infections and incontinence may occur. Infertility is one among the possible long-term consequences. sexual activity is usually painful.

Giving birth to a toddler can increase bleeding and tissue cracks. The birth may take longer than usual and caesarean sections are common.



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