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Singhnad Guggul : Description , Benefits , Ingredients , Properties , Side Efftects



Beneficial in chronic rheumatism (arthritis Rimutaid), paralysis stroke, arthritis, etc. Drugs manufactured through Guggul kalpa, a special process of Ayurveda Guggul has special significance in Ayurveda medicine. This is used for all types of Vata diseases. This enhances and stimulates the uterus, regulates menstrual disorders, growth of white blood cells in blood, diuretics, mucilage secretory, worm destroyer etc.




Useful in rheumatiod, arthritis etc.




Ø  Baheda (Fruit) 

Ø  Harad (Fruit) 

Ø  Amla (Fruit) 

Ø  Sudh Gandhak 

Ø  Earend Tail Shudh Guggul


Medicinal Properties


Ø  Aam Pachak (Detoxifier)

Ø  Antitoxin

Ø  Antibacterial

Ø  Antifungal

Ø  Anti-gout

Ø  Anti-inflammatory

Ø  Antimicrobial

Ø  Antipruritic

Ø  Antirheumatic

Ø  Demulcent

Ø  Depurative (purifies blood)

Ø  Mild laxative

Ø  Nervine Stimulant

Side Effects

The most common side effect occurs thanks to 
the purgative action of Simhanada Guggulu. Some people may experience loose stools. In high dosage, it can also cause diarrhea. Rarely, people have reported restlessness after taking it, which generally occurs with its high dosage.



Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of


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