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Self Steem : Overview

Introduction to Self-Esteem

Most people feel bad about themselves from time to time. Feelings of low self-esteem could also be 
triggered by being treated poorly by somebody else recently or within the past, or by an individual's own judgments of him or herself. This is normal. However, low self-esteem may be a constant companion for too many of us , especially those that experience depression, anxiety, phobias, psychosis, delusional thinking, or who have an illness or a disability. If you're one among these people, you'll undergo life feeling bad about yourself needlessly. Low self-esteem keeps you from enjoying life, doing the items you would like to try to to , and dealing toward personal goals.
You have a right to feel good about yourself. However, it are often very difficult to feel good about yourself once you are under the strain of getting symptoms that are hard to manage, once you are dealing with a disability, once you are having a difficult time, or when others are treating you badly. At these times, it's easy to be drawn into a downward spiral of lower and lower self-esteem. For instance, you'll begin feeling bad about yourself when someone insults you, you're under tons of pressure at work, otherwise you are having a difficult time getting along with someone in your family. Then you start to offer yourself negative self-talk, like "I'm no good." which will cause you to feel so bad about yourself that you simply do something to harm yourself or someone else, like getting drunk or yelling at your children. By using the ideas and activities during this booklet, you'll avoid doing things that cause you to feel even worse and do those things which will cause you to feel better about yourself.

This document will give you ideas on things you can do to feel better about yourself - to raise your self-esteem. The ideas have come from people like yourself, people that 
realize they need low self-esteem and are working to enhance it.

As you begin to use the methods in this booklet and other methods that you may think of to improve your self-esteem, you may notice that you have some feelings of resistance to positive feelings about yourself. This is normal. Don't let these feelings stop you from feeling good about yourself. They will diminish as you feel better and better about yourself. To help relieve these feelings, let your friends know what you are going through. Have a good cry if you can. Do things to relax, like 
meditating or taking a pleasant warm bath.



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