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Neem-Tulsi Face Wash is a soap-free herbal formulation to gently cleanse and moisturize your face. The antibacterial properties of neem and tulsi blend with the hydrating and rejuvenating effects of aloe vera to cleanse your skin of grime, dirt and pollutants and let it breathe easy all through the day. The skin feels fresh for long. The medium-thick gel lathers smoothly and leaves no residue. Works as a disinfectant and heals pimples, acne and rashes. Neem-Tulsi Face Wash is rich in natural ingredients and free of harmful chemicals. Available in a travel-friendly pack. Use as a daily cleanser and help skin stay moisturized without becoming oily. Good for all skin types.


Neem Tulsi Face Wash may be a unique herbal formulation that produces a mild cleansing effect on the face. It is a soap-free product. It is often wont to control moisture and restore the natural balance of oil within the skin. It contains several herbal ingredients including Neem and Tulsi both of which possess potent medicinal properties to reinforce the health of the skin. This face wash is best fitted to the people having a traditional to oily skin.



Ø  Acne

Ø  Oil Control

Ø  Cleanser

Health benefits of Neem Tulsi Face Wash

Neem Tulsi Face Wash helps within the treatment of skin problems like acne and wrinkles. It promotes the health of the skin and restores its youthful glow. Below are the common skin conditions which will be managed well with a daily use of Neem Tulsi Face Wash.


Neem Tulsi Face Wash is often wont to control acne. Tulsi and Neem present in Neem Tulsi Face Wash produce a protective effect on the skin and soothe the skin inflammation. These herbs act as anti-inflammatory agents and prevent redness, swelling, and pain in the affected part of the skin.

These herbs also help in reducing acne by controlling the effect of harmful environmental factors such as dust, sun rays, and pollutants on the skin by producing a strong antioxidant action. Neem Tulsi Face Wash also reduces acne scars and clears the skin. It prevents the recurrence of blackheads and whiteheads. A regular use of Neem Tulsi Face Wash makes the skin clear and even-toned.

Oil control

Neem Tulsi Face Wash are often wont to balance the secretion foil within the skin. It can prevent the surplus sebum from getting accumulated on the skin surface thus preventing an individual from looking unrefreshed and even unhygienic. Oily skin is a result of an excess production of sebum, an oily substance, from the sebaceous glands present in the skin. Our skin is consistently exposed to the environmental pollutants, which damage the skin and make it appear dull.

Though a healthy production of sebum is important to guard the skin from these pollutants, it’s very high production can cause variety of skin problems like acne. Face wash, by regulating the assembly of sebum within the sebaceous glands, prevents the skin from appearing oily and unattractive.

Also, an oily skin features a tendency to draw in impurities like dust from the environment , which may clog the skin pores and increase pimples.


Neem Tulsi Face Wash offers an efficient natural solution to the present problem. It absorbs the excess sebum from the skin surface and prevents the clogging of pores. It makes the skin soft and smooth and clears acne. The anti-inflammatory action produced by Tulsi helps to enhance this effect and preserves the health of the skin. Regular use of face wash also can help avoid the recurrence of acne.

Skin cleansing

Neem Tulsi Face Wash can be used as a cleansing agent for the skin. The skin comes in contact with dust, pollutants as well as harsh chemicals used in cosmetics. These chemicals can penetrate deeper into the skin pores and cause long-term negative effects. These chemicals can damage the fragile skin of the face and cause wrinkles and fine lines to seem at an earlier age.

The herbs present during this face wash act as a cleanser and take away the impurities and chemicals from the skin. Aloe vera particularly exhibits a robust cleansing and detoxifying effect on the skin. It also has strong antiseptic, fungicidal, antibacterial, and virucidal properties that help to clear the infections affecting the skin health.

The deeper action of Neem Tulsi Face Wash helps to get rid of the toxins from the inner layers of skin and cleanses it from within.



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