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Diabetes and Pregnancy : Overview

How can diabetes affect my baby?

A baby’s organs, like 
the brain, heart, kidneys, and lungs, start forming during the primary 8 weeks of pregnancy. High blood sugar levels are often harmful during this early stage and may increase the prospect that your baby will have birth defects, like heart defects or defects of the brain or spine.

High blood sugar 
levels during pregnancy also can increase the prospect that your baby are going to be born too early, weigh an excessive amount of , or have breathing problems or low blood sugar right after birth.
High blood sugar can also increase the prospect that you simply will have a miscarriage NIH external link or a stillborn baby.1 Stillborn means the baby dies within the womb during the last half of pregnancy.

How can my diabetes affect me during pregnancy?

Hormonal and other changes in your body during pregnancy affect your blood sugar 
levels, so you would possibly get to change how you manage your diabetes. Albeit you’ve had diabetes for years, you'll get to change your hotel plan, physical activity routine, and medicines. If you've got been taking an oral diabetes medicine, you'll got to switch to insulin. As you meet up with to your maturity, your management plan might change again.

What health problems could I develop during pregnancy due to 
my diabetes?

Pregnancy can worsen certain long-term diabetes problems, like 
eye problems and renal disorder, especially if your blood sugar levels are too high.

You also have a greater chance of developing preeclampsia, sometimes called toxemia, which is once you 
develop high vital sign and an excessive amount of protein in your urine during the last half of pregnancy. Preeclampsia NIH external link can cause serious or life-threatening problems for you and your baby. The sole cure for preeclampsia is to offer birth.


If you've got preeclampsia and have reached 37 weeks of pregnancy, your doctor might want to deliver your baby early. Before 37 weeks, you and your doctor may consider other options to assist your baby develop the maximum amount as possible before he or she is born.

How am i able to 
steel oneself against pregnancy if I even have diabetes?
If you've got diabetes, keeping your blood sugar as on the brink of normal as possible before and through your pregnancy is vital to remain healthy and have a healthy baby. Getting checkups before and through pregnancy, following your diabetes hotel plan, being physically active as your health care team advises, and taking diabetes medicines if you would like to will assist you manage your diabetes. Stopping smoking and taking vitamins as your doctor advises can also assist you and your baby stay healthy.

Work together with your 
health care team

Regular visits with members of a health care team who are experts in diabetes and pregnancy will make sure that 
you and your baby get the simplest care. Your health care team may include


Ø     A medical doctor who focuses on diabetes care, like an endocrinologist or a diabetologist

Ø     An obstetrician with experience treating women with diabetes

Ø     A diabetes educator who can assist you manage your diabetes

Ø     A NP NIH external link who provides prenatal care NIH external link during your pregnancy

Ø     A registered dietitian to assist with meal planning

Ø     Specialists who diagnose and treat diabetes-related problems, like vision problems, renal disorder , and heart condition

Ø    A caseworker or psychologist to assist you deal with stress, worry, and therefore the extra demands of pregnancy

Get a checkup

Have an entire 
checkup before you get pregnant or as soon as you recognize you're pregnant. Your doctor should check for


Ø  high vital sign

Ø  eye disease

Ø  heart and vessel disease

Ø  nerve damage

Ø  kidney disease

Ø  thyroid disease

Pregnancy can make some diabetes health problems worse. to assist 
prevent this, your health care team may recommend adjusting your treatment before you get pregnant.

Target blood sugar 
levels during pregnancy

Recommended daily target blood sugar 
numbers for many pregnant women with diabetes are


Ø  Before meals, at bedtime, and overnight: 90 or less

Ø  1 hour after eating: 130 to 140 or less

Ø  2 hours after eating: 120 or less3

Ask your doctor what targets are right for you. If you've got 
type 1 diabetes, your targets could also be higher so you don’t develop low blood sugar , also called hypoglycemia.



Notice: Please consult your doctor before following any instruction of

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